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Our Operations

The Acuamaya Group is continually investing in R&D and the development of top infrastructure to optimize the sustainable management of the whole shrimp lifecycle while helping to preserve the environment and promote the harmony with the communities.

The company has 3 certified shrimp production farms and a shrimp hatchery in the Pacific Coast and a processing plant and HQ offices in Guatemala City


Top Quality Shrimp through Vertically Integrated, Sustainable Focused Operations

Shrimp Hatchery with

top Genetic programs

3 Intensive Aquaculture

Certified Shrimp Farms

Shrimp Processing Plant, Internationally Certified

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Top genetic families managed and optimized at this world class hatchery.

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3 Intensive Aquaculture, ASC Certified Farms with top sustainable practices,

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Modern, efficient shrimp processing plant, certified under international standards

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Operations Highlights

Shrimp Hatchery La Candelaria

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  • Top genetic programs/Family lines

  • Continual R&D investment / development + top industry team

  • Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), using same water w/ little exchanges

  • Production capacity of over 3 Billion PL's

  • One of the most advanced in the region

3 Certified Shrimp Growth Farms

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- Industry pioneers, Finca Mayasal established in 1983 (55Ha)

- Developed intensive production system, optimizing sustainable use of land/water and reducing impact on the environment

- Promote sustainable aquaculture with 3 ASC Certified farms

- Highly productive / efficient  aquaculture system (lbs/Ha)  Can produce over 5000 tons in 400 Ha.

Modern Shrimp Processing Plant


- Modern processing plant with a capacity of 120,000 lbs (55,000kg) per day, conveniently located in Guatemala City. 

- With a top team of collaborators manages a variety of processing /freezing options (plate, brine and IQF) and added value requirements. 


Meets all of the standards and certifications required to export to the most demanding markets, including MSC CoC, HACCP and European Market Certifications.

HQ, Management & International Sales


-  Our managerial initiatives are focused on promoting the best quality, sustainable shrimp worldwide.

- We are committed to helping develop a leading, sustainable and highly productive aquaculture industry in Guatemala. 

- We launched the Tasty Shrimp Club to develop a shrimp lovers community and promote the attributes that differentiate the delicious shrimp from Guatemala in the world



Shrimp Processing Plant, Internationally Certified

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