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We believe in the importance of conducting and promoting Responsible Aquaculture Practices and as part of our commitment to supporting the environment, our employees and communities, all of our operations are certified under the leading standards:

Our 3 Shrimp Farms

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Shrimp Processing Plant

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Our Shrimp Hatchery

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Since our inception, the Acuamaya team has recognized the importance of pursuing sustainable aquaculture practices, with a solid commitment to the well-being of our employees, the local communities and the environment.

As a result of our on-going commitment to social and environmental responsible practices, Acuamaya has been promoting a diverse array of relevant initiatives in community education and health programs, preservation of the environment through the establishment of natural reserves, community empowerment and development, turtle protection and many more. 

Moreover,in line with this commitment, Acuamaya recently became the first company in Guatemala to obtain the highly recognized Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Certification

for our three shrimp farms.

The three production farms, Mayasal, Saquija and La Danta are all located on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. Each farm is blessed with diverse ecosystems, volcanic soils and favorable natural conditions which along with a highly committed team of employees, allow the production of a delicious, naturally darker shrimp, characteristic of Guatemala.

Acuamaya's Shrimp Hatchery has also received the globally recognized Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Certification.

Finally, our Processing Plant has the IFS Food, ASC CoC (Chain of Custody Certification) as well as HACCP Certification 

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Sea Turtle Protection (Monterrico and Las Lisas)


We have been supporting and promoting the sea turtle protection programs for more than 30 years with a number of relevant stakeholders including the communities surrounding our farms and high school and college students.

Initiatives include community education programs, infrastructure development and maintenance and fund raising initiatives to support the sea turtles and their natural habitats

Our 3 Shrimp Farms are now ASC Certified


As one of the industry pioneers with an on-going commitment to innovation and R&D initiatives, we helped to develop the intensive, sustainable aquaculture production system of Guatemala, optimizing the use of small portions of land and water while reducing impact on the environment.

As a result of our on-going commitment to social and environmental responsible practices along with a thorough certification process Acuamaya is the first company in Guatemala to obtain the highly recognized ASC Certification (See more)

Comunidad Segura

(Safe Community)


In the face of the COVID-19 health emergency, Acuamaya, implemented the “Secure Community” Program with the aim of helping to prevent and protect collaborators, family members and members from neighboring communities (Aldea La Ginebra and Aldea Casa Viejas, Pasaco, Department of Jutiapa).

This Program includes the following components: 1) training, 2) hiring an auxiliary nurse, 3) purchase of material for the manufacture of masks, space availability for the designers and manufacturers of masks and, 4) delivery and sale of masks

Education Programs



We are huge believers in the importance and power of education and as a result, have been supporting, since 1983, the educational programs at all levels on the communities where we are present. 

Although there are still significant gaps in Guatemala's overall education system, where are really proud to be a small part of the progress and development of thousands of youth in our communities to date. 

Flora and Fauna



We are huge believers also in the importance of preserving the environment and mantaining a balance with the surrounding ecosystems.  Since 1983 when the company was founded, a big area of land was designated as a natural reserve, to never be developed and mantained as a a protected area for mangrove and the local flora and fauna.

As a result, today our Mayasal farm is considered one of the best places in Guatemala for bird watching and popular by many local and migratory birds (in addition to many other species)

Bird pictures by professional photographer and avid birdwatcher Gabriel Rodriguez Coloma

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