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Shrimp Farms


The Acuamaya group owns and operates the 3 different farms in the Pacific Coast of Guatemala, Central America, with an extension of 400 hectares of ponds. 


One of the key differentiators of Guatemala's aquaculture industry, has been its successful development on an intensive aquaculture production system, where small extensions of land are optimized to efficiently produce significant volumes, of high quality, delicious shrimp, with lower utilization of water and reducing the impact on the environment.

The ideal conditions of Guatemala where the farms are located, together with one of the best teams of technicians in the industry, allows the Acuamaya group to consistently produce great quality sustainable shrimp.

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As a result of the company's ongoing commitment to promoting sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture practices, Acuamaya's 3 farms now have the world wide recognized ASC Certification!

Sustainable Aquaculture

3 Certified Farms!

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Key local Economic/Social Development
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We are proud to support and are committed to the economic and social development of families in the communities where we operate, since 1983

Intensive Production System

Development in an intensive aquaculture production system, where small tracts of land are optimized to efficiently produce significant volumes of high-quality delicious shrimp, with less water use and reduced impact on the environment.

Preservation of the Environment

We believe in the importance of maintaining the balance of the ecosystem and have protected reserves for the preservation of mangrove and the regions diversity of flora and fauna.  Our Mayasal Farm is considered on of the best places for bird watching in Guatemala.

Committed to Guatemala's Aquaculture

We are committed to supporting the growth of the sustainable aquaculture industry of Guatemala and promoting it for all of its virtues around the world!

Mayasal Farm

300 Ha Ponds, Mangrove / wildlife Reserves, Semi Intensive Aquaculture

Saquija Farm

50 Ha Ponds, Mangrove / wildlife Reserves, Intensive Aquacuture

La Danta Farm

25 Ha Ponds, Mangrove / wildlife Reserves, Intensive Aquaculture

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