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Acuamaya - Established Since 1983

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One of the first shrimp aquaculture companies in Central America, dedicated to the production, processing and commercialization of high quality, farm-raised shrimp and related aquaculture products.  A visionary team of executives together with a highly passionate and committed employee team have transformed Acuamaya into an innovation driven aquaculture company and an important driver in the development of the sustainable shrimp industry of Guatemala.

Our Pillars

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We have a strong commitment to social and environmental responsible practices along with the well being of our employees and communities. Our 3 production farms have the ASC Aquaculture Certification.

Safe / Fully Traceable
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Top quality shrimp with full Product Traceability through our vertically Integrated operations, a Hatchery, 3 production farms and processing plant, everything is traced and packed under our own brands!

Delicious /
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Guatemala's volcanic soils & our genetic family lines = a naturally darker shrimp with a delicious sweeter taste.

Join our Tasty Shrimp Club to learn about the benefits of Guatemala's delicious Shrimp.

Innovation /

 A pioneering aquaculture company and an important driver in the development of the shrimp industry and the intensive & sustainable production systems in Guatemala.

Sustainable Aquaculture

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We recognize the importance of promoting sustainable aquaculture practices, with a solid commitment to the well-being of our employees, local communities and the environment.  Our 3 Shrimp Farms are ASC Certified , our Hatchery BAP Certified and our processing plant IFS Certified

Learn more about our sustainable aquaculture practices & programs

3 Beautiful Farms

All with their ASC Certification for Responsible

Aquaculture Practices

Full Product Traceability

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Our Customers know where their Shrimp comes from!

Our Full traceability program and control of the whole production cycle through our vertically integrated operations, ensure that you are receiving top quality, safe, delicious shrimp!

Learn more about our traceability programs and integrated operations

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Delicious / Nutritious

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Guatemala's Volcanic soils = shrimp with a dark natural color and delicious taste.  Join our Tasty Shrimp Club to learn more about the many benefits of Guatemala's delicious Shrimp.

Learn more about why our Guatemalan shrimp is unique and delicious

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Our Brands!

Innovation / R&D

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With one of the top teams in the global industry and a strong committment to R&D, we are a pioneering aquaculture company and an important driver in the development of the shrimp industry and the intensive & sustainable production systems in Guatemala.

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With 20+ years developing genetic programs, Acuamaya is also a leader in Shrimp Nauplii and Post larvae production (Maya Larva) and has been successfully serving the needs of both local and international producers.


Driving innovation through the development of efficient, localized, intensive production systems since 2002, which are  now the standard in Guatemala's Aquaculture industry. 

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One of the first shrimp aquaculture companies in Central America (Est. 1983) producing & exporting high quality, farm-raised shrimp and related aquaculture products.

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 Since its founding in 1983, focused on exporting Guatemala's top quality, tasty  shrimp to the most demanding markets around the world, under our own brands "The Jewels of Guatemala".

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