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Maya Larva, the secret behind our great shrimp in Guatemala and other countries!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Maya Larva™ , the secret behind our great shrimp in Guatemala and other countries!

Most of the delicious, safe and sustainable shrimp produced by aquaculture in Guatemala and some other countries, come from Maya Larva.

The Acuamaya team has been producing beautiful, healthy, top performing post larvae and nauplii for both, our own farms and an important part of the shrimp industry of Guatemala and other countries, for over 20 years now.

The post larvae, produced at La Candelaria Hatchery in the Pacific Coast of Guatemala, comes from carefully developed and managed genetic programs along with top genetic lines for over 20 years now.The nauplii and post larvae are nurtured in top, optimal conditions and under strict protocols, promoting beneficial traits that include growth and resistance among others, for the specialized, intensive aquaculture systems, characteristic of Guatemala's shrimp industry.

Top R&D programs/infrastructure and genetic family lines together with an exceptional and highly committed team, make La Candelaria Hatchery, one of the most advanced and efficient today in the Latin American region.

Maya Larva is born from Acuamaya’s commitment to produce one of the best, sustainable, delicious and fully-traceable shrimp in the world!

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